Comedy homework and lingerie models

So, to prepare for the comedy course, I have to do some preparation. We have been given a joke, and we have to rewrite it as we would tell it and learn it to deliver on the course. I’ve made hard work for myself because my favourite kind of humour is a long, rambling tale. Besides, it’s the only way I can think of to do it. Here’s the joke, which, I warn you, isn’t pleasant. I think that’s the idea – it’s intended to spark off debate on the course about what type of jokes you like, and what you feel acceptable/unacceptable etc.

“I was walking down the road and I got stopped last week by a charity chugger and they told me that did I know that in West Africa, there are hundreds of little black children having to walk 8 miles a day to fetch water and would I consider sponsoring one of them now. I went of course I will, no problem and asked him to put me down for 50p a mile.”

The only thing we have to keep is the punchline, put me down for 50p a mile. I didn’t like this joke, and the only way I could think to do it was to make the person who delivers the line the butt of the joke. So in my version, I am the charity chugger, and I ramble on about other rubbish jobs I’ve had before I meet the offensive man who says the punchline. It got me remembering all the awful jobs I’ve done in my time. Like the carton gluing factory, where I had to sit at a conveyor belt, take 10 flat pack cartons off it, put a rubber band round them and put them neatly in a box. You had to work very fast to avoid a pile up on the floor. It was exhausting. Then there was the mushroom farm, picking mushrooms in dark, smelly sheds. The highlight of that was when somebody – me once! – found evidence of the mushroom disease mycogni, which made the mushrooms all wierd and deformed looking. A flurry of excitement whizzed around the mushroom sheds then, I can tell you!

Anyway, my long rambling tale grew and grew. I practised delivering it and recorded myself. First of all I sounded like a school marm, so I put more energy and verve into it. Then I sounded like a radio four story teller. It truly is a horrible experience to hear a recording of yourself. But evidently I hadn’t had enough torture for one day, because I decided to film myself. Arrrgh! I got a new Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and am still finding out how to use all its features. Must, must, must learn to delete films! That one must never, ever find its way onto You Tube!

So why, you may ask, have I put lingerie models in the title of this blog? Well, that’s because I want my partner to do a drawing of an unconfident woman dressed in lingerie as a possible cover for The Goddess Workshop. She’s going to be wearing L plates if I go with this idea. So I had a look at some pics. The models did NOT look as if they lacked confidence however, so now I have to find a suitable head to inspire him. Any volunteers?


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