Pickled cows

So, I had managed to convince myself the Comedy Workshop wasn’t going to happen this weekend. I had a strong feeling about it. Not enough bookings, snow, the hand of fate… Something was definitely going to happen to stop me going. Then I heard from the course leader, so I know the first doesn’t apply – there are enough people. Yay! I think! Just the snow and the hand of fate to contend with now… Plenty of snow on the ground here, but the sun’s out. My son will be gutted if he doesn’t get to go sledging after school, poor boy. But anyway, it’s looking as if it is going to happen…

Here’s the beginning of the joke I’ve been working on – the one about the charity chugger we had to change for the course. “When I was at art college, there were the cow picklers and the still life painters.”  Guess which I was? I had my own little still life school of painting going for a while! Alas, it didn’t make me my fortune.Don’t think I’d have had the stomach for preserving cows in formaldahide though… Anyway, just got to practice my ‘joke’ a few more hundred times and it should be fine. Or at least, it should be good enough raw material for feedback. It will exist.

Got some very useful feedback from Juliet O’Callaghan about the beginning of The Goddess Workshop the other day, so am now going to make some final changes and the some final proof reading. Upping the comedy and cutting what she called the ‘information dump’ in one of the chapters. My partner has been working hard on something for the book cover. So it’s slowly but surely all coming together. Very exciting! 


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