Snow Go!

Hurrah! Working on The Goddess Workshop as my son’s school is open, despite the snow! Feeling excited, as I have seen a way to change the beginning to make everything flow better and especially to introduce Kate, one of my characters, who is, at first, very prickly and unappealing. I mean, she’s got to be that way, but I don’t want her to turn the reader off before she’s hooked on the book…

Didn’t get to the comedy course this weekend. My plans started to fall apart when my son’s school was closed due to snow warnings and I didn’t want to risk taking him on the journey to the kennels with our dog. The kennels is in the wilds of Norfolk along a dodgy track in the absolute middle of nowhere. Our dog is VERY bouncy and strong, and definitely not suitable for Grandma to look after. Alfie, our son, is also very bouncy, and quite enough to contend with. Anyway, phoned the course and they said I could transfer to another date, so I only lost the money for the hotel and the train tickets… 



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