Calendar Girls

I have decided on a strap line for The Goddess Workshop – If you liked Calendar Girls, you’ll love The Goddess Workshop!loved Calendar Girls. To me it was the perfect combination of fun and poignancy. A wonderful exploration of friendships and relationships and a celebration of love! I am setting out to make The Goddess Workshop all of those things. My saucy moments are probably a little more saucy than those in Calendar Girls… Well, Ok, they definitely are. But they are all a part of the roller coaster ride of the story. And today, I’m going to email the final manuscript off to a friend to proof read. I’ve read it and read it until I can barely see it any longer, and now it’s time for someone else to have another look. Yesterday, I was really happy because I found a way to tie up an amusing joke and incident that takes places at the beginning with something that happens at the end. Very satisfying as it takes things full circle and ends on a high.

Now I just need to keep my son entertained this weekend so my partner can stop procrastinating and get on with the drawing I’ve asked him to do for the cover! Really hoping he does a good job, because I’m not looking forward to having to tell him I won’t be using it after all…


One thought on “Calendar Girls

  1. Asking someone to do your cover artwork is a challenge, unless you’re one of those people who don’t mind asking for what you want. I find it very difficult. I hope your husband surprises you in the best of ways with what he comes up with.

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