Building my website and getting ready to publish



I have been very busy learning new skills this week – first of all I had to learn to put hyperlinks into the Word document of The Goddess Workshop ready for it to be loaded onto Amazon. I had no idea how to do this, and couldn’t work out what to do from Microsoft Help. Then I found a brilliant video on YouTube – E book formatting tips by JoHarris0n. After I’d watched it about a zillion times, I finally twigged what to do, and did it! What a sense of satisfaction!

Then I turned to my website – only started doing this yesterday, so still involved in this particular challenge. I wanted to use a free site that would let me use my own domain name. I’m using Weebly – at least at the moment – and had great fun downloading suitable pictures from istock (including the picture of primulas above, which has great relevance to one of the jokes in the book – not saying what at this stage!)

The challenge continues today – bring it on! Have you set up your own website? What were your challenges? And what was the most challenging thing for you about getting your book ready for Kindle? I’d love to know.

In other news, my follow-up book The Dare Club has been up for review by the members of The Womens’ Fiction Crit Group on This has been an amazing experience – so much valuable insight! I have been moved by the time and trouble people have taken with their feedback, and I’m feeling really inspired to get on with the book just as soon as The Goddess Workshop and my website have been launched. Thanks, ladies! (Oh, and one man!)


Editing is Exciting!

Well, it isn’t exactly exciting in itself, but it is in as much as when it’s finished, it brings you one step closer to publication. And I’ve finished editing The Goddess Workshop! Yay!

My friend did an absolutely amazing job at editing the ms, and now I’ve made all the alterations. After the half-term holidays, it’s going to be all systems go with publication. I have learnt a lot during the process. With the other books I’ve had published, ( I’ve had an editor to look through and do things like take out all the semi-colons I didn’t need. Now I’ve learnt when to use a comma and when a semi-colon is really necessary. May not seem like much, but I don’t want to irritate anybody out there, do I? I want them to enjoy my writing and to get so immersed they don’t want to come up for air. Well, I guess I will let them breathe, if only so they finish the book and live to look forward to the next one…

In other news, I have re-booked to do the comedy course I had to cancel due to the snow. It’s towards the end of March. Of course, the trains are going to be disrupted by engineering works that weekend, but nothing’s going to stop me this time! Looking forward to it!

Book Cover of my dreams for The Goddess Workshop

ImageThose of you who have been reading my blog will know that I had asked my partner to do a drawing to go on the cover of The Goddess Workshop, my soon-to-be published eBook. Unfortunately, this wasn’t going so well… Don’t worry, we are still speaking! I managed to find some tactful words to tell him! And he agreed too, which helped! I started to think I would have to completely re-think my concept. I played with some ideas, and a fantastic friend helped me with this, but… it just wasn’t what I wanted. My original image kept coming back into my head. So, on Tuesday, I began to look for an illustrator. I found one, and, hurrah! – she totally got what I wanted. By yesterday, Sunday, the cover was complete. And all at a bargain price. Yay! So here it is.

Another friend has been copy editing the text, and I should get that back tomorrow. So… it’s all beginning to happen, which is very exciting!

What do readers want to know about writers?

I’m just starting to work towards creating a website. Feeling excited about it, if a bit daunted. I’ve got lots of ideas about what I want to have on it including a fun quiz, and some fun pictures. One of the pictures will involve me locating a fig tree to try to get a fig leaf. I think I know where there is one not far away. Will have to take the dog past that house when I take him out. The trouble is, I don’t know if fig trees are evergreens. Can’t wait until the spring if not… If the branches are bare, I will have to make one out of paper. If you want to know why I need a fig leaf so urgently, you will just have to wait until the website is live! Shouldn’t be too long, hopefully.

Anyway, I have started writing material for the site, and this morning wrote a bit about myself. It got me wondering what readers want to know about writers. I wanted to give a flavour of myself as a person, rather than just a dry list of achievements. Here is what I’ve written.

I was born in Hertfordshire in the UK, but have also lived in Brighton, London, Nottingham, Ely and now Norwich. Why so many places? Well, sometimes I needed a clean slate, to re-invent myself. Sometimes I fell in love with someone from another city. And sometimes love broke up. Stuff tends to happen if you move somewhere where you don’t know anybody. Good stuff and bad stuff, but it’s all material for a writer. And a good distraction for a broken heart. Travel’s also a good distraction, and broken relationships have spurred me to go to exciting countries likes Belize and Cuba on my own. Thank you, you dumpers! You know who you are!

So, having spent much of my life amassing material for my writing, I’m settled now, in Norwich. Norwich is great place – a beautiful city, but not too big, with lots of green space and countryside and the sea all nearby. It’s the perfect combination of bustle and calm, and a great backdrop for me to write my books and to be a mother and partner. Yes, a family. It took me a long time to acquire one, and now I count my blessings every day. And it’s also a whole new way to go about amassing material for writing…

I love to laugh and to make people laugh, and there is humour in most of the things I write. Since it’s a while since I’ve given myself a challenge, I’m shortly going to be doing some stand-up comedy training… Everyone keeps telling me I’m very brave. Whether I’m a hit or a flop, you can be sure it’s going to end up in a book…

What do you think?