What do readers want to know about writers?

I’m just starting to work towards creating a website. Feeling excited about it, if a bit daunted. I’ve got lots of ideas about what I want to have on it including a fun quiz, and some fun pictures. One of the pictures will involve me locating a fig tree to try to get a fig leaf. I think I know where there is one not far away. Will have to take the dog past that house when I take him out. The trouble is, I don’t know if fig trees are evergreens. Can’t wait until the spring if not… If the branches are bare, I will have to make one out of paper. If you want to know why I need a fig leaf so urgently, you will just have to wait until the website is live! Shouldn’t be too long, hopefully.

Anyway, I have started writing material for the site, and this morning wrote a bit about myself. It got me wondering what readers want to know about writers. I wanted to give a flavour of myself as a person, rather than just a dry list of achievements. Here is what I’ve written.

I was born in Hertfordshire in the UK, but have also lived in Brighton, London, Nottingham, Ely and now Norwich. Why so many places? Well, sometimes I needed a clean slate, to re-invent myself. Sometimes I fell in love with someone from another city. And sometimes love broke up. Stuff tends to happen if you move somewhere where you don’t know anybody. Good stuff and bad stuff, but it’s all material for a writer. And a good distraction for a broken heart. Travel’s also a good distraction, and broken relationships have spurred me to go to exciting countries likes Belize and Cuba on my own. Thank you, you dumpers! You know who you are!

So, having spent much of my life amassing material for my writing, I’m settled now, in Norwich. Norwich is great place – a beautiful city, but not too big, with lots of green space and countryside and the sea all nearby. It’s the perfect combination of bustle and calm, and a great backdrop for me to write my books and to be a mother and partner. Yes, a family. It took me a long time to acquire one, and now I count my blessings every day. And it’s also a whole new way to go about amassing material for writing…

I love to laugh and to make people laugh, and there is humour in most of the things I write. Since it’s a while since I’ve given myself a challenge, I’m shortly going to be doing some stand-up comedy training… Everyone keeps telling me I’m very brave. Whether I’m a hit or a flop, you can be sure it’s going to end up in a book…

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “What do readers want to know about writers?

  1. If I try to think about what I’d like to know about a favourite author of mine, it would be the meaty stuff, like how many hours a day do you write? When do you write? Why do you write? However, that’s the sort of information that is probably only interesting to another writer, so I think what you’ve written is fine. It’s personal, and tells the reader a lot about you in a light-hearted manner.

    My plan is to use my soon-to-be launched writing- focussed blog as my ‘website.’ Why are you creating a website as well? Do you plan to sell your books via the website?

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Juli! I think that’s a good idea, actually – a sort of mock interview asking questions about my writing habits. Thanks! I’m going to have a link to my bog from my website so I’ve got the best of both worlds – a marketplace and an information feed. Or that’s the plan anyway. Good luck with your writing-focussed blog. I look forward to reading it.

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