Editing is Exciting!

Well, it isn’t exactly exciting in itself, but it is in as much as when it’s finished, it brings you one step closer to publication. And I’ve finished editing The Goddess Workshop! Yay!

My friend did an absolutely amazing job at editing the ms, and now I’ve made all the alterations. After the half-term holidays, it’s going to be all systems go with publication. I have learnt a lot during the process. With the other books I’ve had published, (amazon.co.uk/-/e/B001HD34G6) I’ve had an editor to look through and do things like take out all the semi-colons I didn’t need. Now I’ve learnt when to use a comma and when a semi-colon is really necessary. May not seem like much, but I don’t want to irritate anybody out there, do I? I want them to enjoy my writing and to get so immersed they don’t want to come up for air. Well, I guess I will let them breathe, if only so they finish the book and live to look forward to the next one…

In other news, I have re-booked to do the comedy course I had to cancel due to the snow. It’s towards the end of March. Of course, the trains are going to be disrupted by engineering works that weekend, but nothing’s going to stop me this time! Looking forward to it!


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