Is Comedy from Adversity recommended?

This coming weekend, I shall be attending the long-awaited Stand-up comedy course I booked on ages ago in London! No, it won’t snow again,and I won’t get ill or anything else. I’m going!

I wanted to do the course for a few different reasons. I used to teach, but now I just write, and I miss that element of performance in my life. It’s a muscle I want to keep using in case it shrivels up! It’s also the biggest buzz when you make people laugh!

Another reason is that one of the characters in my next book, The Dare Club, is going to be dared to attend such a course, so it’s research too. The character, Colette, has been through some very tough times in her life, and I’m interested in thinking about how she might use humour to laugh about all of this painful stuff and in the process make herself feel better about this.

But do you like this kind of humour yourselves? I’d be really interested to find out what you think. Personally, I don’t enjoy comedians who just make fun about the fact that they’re overweight etc. It doesn’t do it for me. But what about people who make fun of their own cancer treatment etc? Are you comfortable with that? Is it a good idea, or self-indulgent? Obviously nobody would find it amusing for a comedian to laugh at anybody else’s cancer treatment. And there will be people in the room who have loved ones who have suffered or died. So it’s quite possible that Colette’s journey into comedy won’t work the way she expects it to… What do you think?Image


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