Fiction Trailer Film Festival – Entries welcome!


Hi all

A few weeks ago I made a short, fun trailer for my novel The Goddess Workshop using It was easy to use and free! It was also a lot of fun to do. My son made one too about a trip to a farm park in the recent half-term holidays – that’s how easy it was.

Anyway, here’s the link to my trailer: The Goddess Workshop Trailer

I thought it would be fun if others shared their own short trailers on this blog so we can all see them. Like a mini film festival! Just paste a link in the comments section.

Or if you haven’t made one yet, why not have a go? There’s no prize – it’s just for fun. Oh, and maybe a little self-promotion. 😉

I look forward to seeing all your trailers!


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9 thoughts on “Fiction Trailer Film Festival – Entries welcome!

  1. I’ll play. This is a trailer for my SF Romance novella. Uses the same music as one of yours, Elizabeth.

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