Bit-part baby in sex-change drama

Those of you who follow this blog will know that my new novel The Dare Club was published earlier this week. Yay! Whoop whoop! Hurrah! OK, sorry about that. I’ll calm down now.


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Everything went very smoothly… until a bit-part baby almost scuppered my target of publishing it on Monday. The said baby obviously objected to having such a small part in the book – it makes a great deal of noise before casually kicking a leftover piece of croissant off a plate.

To try to ensure it was remembered, the baby had the temerity to change its sex! I know! Fortunately, no messy operations were involved, as I expect you’ll be relieved to hear – after all, the sex change took place in a café, and nobody wants to be put off their food.


Anyway, all’s well now. Grace has been brought under control and renamed George. Alas, he still makes a noise, and Emma, my character still loses her croissant, but I can’t help that. It’s part of the story – order a spare croissant next time, Emma! The amazing thing is that as well as myself, 2 beta readers, a proofreader, a reviewer and my cat all read drafts of the book. And none of them spotted spot Grace trying to grab a bigger slot for herself. I guess you can look and look at something until you can’t see it anymore. Either that or you can be so caught up in the story that nothing can drag you out of it. Yes, that sounds good. Let’s go with that.

Have you ever noticed anything that’s slipped through an editor’s net in a book that you’ve read? Do comment and let me know.

Oh, and before I go, just to let you know that the Kindle version of my previous novel – The Goddess Workshop – is on offer until 11pm on Sunday 1 December for 99p. Grab yourself a bargain!



Join The Dare Club!

Drum roll please ….Today’s the day! The Dare Club is published!


For this book I have scared myself stupid swinging through the trees high up in the forest canopy at Go Ape.


I have also done something I never imagined I would do in my wildest dreams – I actually went up on stage and performed stand-up comedy! I know, I said the same thing too – “I could never do that!” But I did, and there’s a YouTube clip to prove it!

Watch me performing at Up The Creek in Greenwich here.

So join Aleysha, Nick, Colette and Emma as they attempt to scare themselves into forgetting about their problems. Will it go smoothly? Of course not! But they’ll have a lot of fun trying!

And as a special bonus to celebrate the launch of The Dare club, my novel The Goddess Workshop is available for 1 week only for the bargain price of 99p! That’s until 11pm on Sunday 1 December.


What have daring things have you done? I’d love to know!

Margaret X


Cover Reveal – The Dare Club

Not long to go now – The Dare Club, my follow-up book to The Goddess Workshop, should be hitting the virtual shelves next week!

The Dare Club follows the fates of 4 very different people – Aleysha, Nick, Colette and Emma – who meet on a Lift Up Course for the newly divorced and separated. After initial tensions, the group bond and Colette has the idea of setting up a dare club to help them to forget their problems.  If they’re cavorting several metres off the ground, or standing under a spotlight, it’s bound to help them to forget about their troubles, isn’t it? At the very least, they’ll have some fun, and who knows? It might just change their lives forever.

I’ve had a lot of fun doing scary research for this novel – like my characters, I feel changed forever after doing things like swinging through the tree tops and performing stand-up comedy. I look forward to many more scary challenges in the future!

So, without further ado, here’s the cover for The Dare Club. I think my illustrator, Jane Newland, has got it just right.


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