Travel Blog: Taking a Chance in Cuba 2010

I discovered this story while I was researching for my new novel, and I’m reblogging it because I enjoyed it so much. What an adventure, and what a tale to talk about afterwards!

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It started with a baseball cap.  And led to a cozy evening in the home of a Cuban family, sharing beer and watching baseball on a vintage black and white TV, before a soldier appeared at the door, dressed for battle.  But I’m ahead of myself.  The ball cap….

Havana’s Artisan Market is a maze of tarps and two-by-fours, stalls and hawkers.  It prides itself on selling everything a tourist or local could want.  But mostly the tourists.  My husband Roger and I had arrived at the market with one purpose; find a baseball cap with Cuba’s national team logo. We had been to dozens of stalls selling hats, but no luck, and frustrated we had stopped in front of another to converse about what to do.

Memory Card 1-Cuba, Palm Desert, Winter 167The young man behind the table overheard and asked us in Spanish if he could help.  I responded, as I’m fluent in Spanish…

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