Getting in the Mood

I’ve recently started using Pinterest and I’m really enjoying it. Having been to Art College, I’m a visual person, and definitely always learn better if I can see something. Just lately I’ve been setting some important scenes in Havana, which I visited a while ago, and looking at images has almost been like going on holiday.ย Almost!ย Ha ha.

So now that my story has returned to Norfolk, I put together a Pinterest board of the images that have inspired me while I write. Here’s the link.ย

I also tried making a Mood Board to reflect the feel of my novel The Dare Club – I think I succeeded to a certain extent, although it was quite difficult to find images that reflected what the characters look like inside my head after the event.


Aleysha from The Dare Club

I suppose the best way to do it would be to start with image before I write! Though I have to admit, when I’m reading, I don’t need to be told much about what a character looks like in order to form an idea myself. Maybe that comes back to me being a visual person, I don’t know. Anyway, when I’m writing, I have to try and bear in mind that some people do like to be given physical information about characters.

How about you? Are you happy to mostly make up your own mind what characters look like? Or do you prefer a guiding hand?


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6 thoughts on “Getting in the Mood

  1. I think one of the pleasures of reading is imagining the appearance of the characters. I find I skip over descriptions in fiction, and it annoys me how many romance writers want the full description. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m scant on description in my own work. However, I’m trying to please more readers, so I’m working on adding bits and pieces of appearances into my work. I think a Pinterest board of characters, even just for myself, would really help with that.
    I think your Aleysha looks just as she should – in my head, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Margaret I’m completely addicted to Pinterest so I’m off to stalk you on there ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s like virtual scrap booking I think – and I can browse all the art I love but will never own for hours, LOL!

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