To Pen-name or Not to Pen- name? That is the question.

I have just published a new novel – a romance called Secret Millionaire. It’s different to my other books because while they contain romances, so far they have been about more than that – about relationships, friendships, and the growth of self-confidence born out of facing the challenges of life. So because I wanted to distinguish between these two areas of writing, I decided to use a pen name for the book, and chose the name Kitty Alexander. (Kitty was the name I would have used for my son had he been a girl, and Alexander – no reason, it just sounded right).

Secret Millionaire 2

Having a pen name means I will have to publicize the book under the name of Kitty Alexander to avoid confusion. It makes sense to have a separate author page on Facebook for my Kitty books, and a separate Twitter account. (This is somewhat alarming, since when I’m absorbed in my writing, I forget to tweet for weeks at a time already). But perhaps Kitty will be different. Maybe Kitty will be media savvy and enthusiastic, tweeting in an entertaining way that draws new fans to follow her.

In fact, perhaps it doesn’t need to stop there – perhaps Kitty can be my alter ego. Maybe I can re-invent myself through her. The world is my oyster! Hopefully, Kitty will come to have the kind of lifestyle that includes impulsive mini breaks to Cannes and champagne suppers.

Here’s the photo I plan to use for Kitty. It is me, but a different me! I think it will suit her fine. I think she – sorry, I – look like a romantic novelist in this image. What do you think? (Please don’t say it looks as if I’ve been cuddling chickens).

Kitty Alexander pic

Tomorrow though, Β I’m going to a master class on thriller writing. I booked onto it because I like to take course now and then to give me a shot in the arm, and the course is all about keeping suspense going and writing twists in the tail, which are very useful things to know about for any kind of writing. I do have a germ of an idea for a thriller though … Oh no; does that mean I might need a third identity in the future?!

In the meantime, here’s the link to my Kitty Alexander Facebook page, and here’s the link to Kitty on Twitter. Please Like me so I don’t look as lonely as I do now! I’ll be eternally grateful to you, and I’ve posted a very fine photograph of a sunrise on there. Here’s a sneak peak. I took it the other morning, and it’s the view from my bedroom window. What a start to the day!

Copper Beech woman

Margaret / Kitty X


16 thoughts on “To Pen-name or Not to Pen- name? That is the question.

  1. Your photo fits the name. I would have imagined Kitty Alexander like this.
    Great shot from your window. πŸ™‚
    I am not on Facebook, do not intend to – I can only follow you on Twitter…

  2. Really interesting post, I can totally understand wanting a pen name for a different genre of writing, I imagine it’ll be very useful to distinguish them as separate. Your Kitty photo is fabulous, too! And, what a gorgeous sunrise!
    I’ve like your facebook page and shared a post – don’t want you getting lonely! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. All good luck with your new venture. I love the photo! My book after next will be historical fiction, but I’m going to keep my name; I’m hoping (BIG cross fingers) that as it will be my 10th novel, my style will be distinctive enough for my current readers to enjoy it just the same, even if they don’t think they fancy histfic – as I say, BIG cross fingers!!!!! I think what you’re doing is a very good idea; my two rock romances have never ‘hit’ as well as my other books. A lesson in genre changing indeed!

    • Thanks a lot, Terry! And good luck with your historical. I have one of those in the pipeline too. πŸ™‚ I should think you probably paved the way with Kings and Queens, and you have a lot of fans. Good luck!

  4. I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been thinking about writing historical fiction but was wondering what to do about the fact that mysteries are the genre of my published books, A pen name! Why didn’t I think about that? Good luck with your new venture – I think it’s off to a great start!

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