Letters from Elsewhere: Hannah

A letter from Hannah, Jen’s almost mother-in-law in Taming Tom Jones.

An' de walls came tumblin' down

Letters from ElsewhereI’m delighted to welcome Hannah, who seems to feel she has to plead her case with you. She is the almost mother-in-law of Jen, main character of recently released Taming Tom Jones by Margaret K Johnson. But she’s more than that, as you’ll see.

Over to you, Hannah.

Dear Reader

I know what you think – that I should tell Jen the truth. Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. I care too much about her, and I fought so very hard to keep her in my life after what Luther did.

I don’t remember being so angry with my son before, ever. I could hardly take in what he was saying to me, standing there in his wedding clothes, unable to look me in the face. It was as if he was six years old all over again. Five. I know it was you with that pea shooter…

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War Diary October 1915 – Edith Cavell

It is almost one hundred years since the execution of Edith Cavell, a brave nurse from Norfolk who served in Belgium during World War One, and I am reblogging a War Diary in her honour. Scant information is given here, and the matter of fact statement about her death does nothing to give us a picture of how she must have suffered – no matter how brave she appeared – as she wrote letters to her colleagues giving instructions about domestic matters as she waited in her cell for her final moments to arrive. During her trial, Edith revealed that she had helped 200 allied soldiers to escape capture by the Germans, in the full knowledge that in doing so she ran the risk of being court-martialed and executed by firing squad which, indeed, she was at 7.00am on 12th October 1915. It is her bravery, together with that of all the other nurses and medical personnel who served in The Great War which inspired my novel A Nightingale in Winter, and I am proud to live in the same county she was born in. I shall be attending the displays and memorial activities that are to take place here in Norwich this month with great interest and a sense of pride.

ANiW Final Cover

Norfolk in World War One

War Norfolk
German aircraft deployed on the Western Front

The German Fokker comes into service on the Western Front, able to fire forward through the propeller German air superiority is achieved.

Music Hall in Norwich

High Class Vaudeville entertainment comes to the Theatre Royal in Norwich as it changes name to ‘The Empire Music Hall’.

Execution of Edith Cavell

Norfolk-born nurse Edith Cavell is executed by the Germans in Brussels as a spy and for aiding escaped Allied prisoners.

New Social Housing

The master of the rolls declared open for occupation a block of residential flats in Recorder Road, Norwich. Built by Miss Ethel M. Colman and Miss Helen C. Colman, in memory of the Right Honourable James Stuart, they were built as social housing with low rents.

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Something for the Weekend – Taming Tom Jones!

It’s publication day for my novel Taming Tom Jones, and I’m on Shani Struther Author’s blog today, talking about the background to the book.

Shani Struthers

TTJ CoverHappy launch day to Margaret K Johnson today, author of many of my favourite books and now the brilliant Taming Tom Jones! I had the pleasure of reading this in its editorial stages and, as ever, Johnson’s writing captured me from the very beginning, delivering me very happily to a great ending. Grab a coffee, read what’s it all about and what true life events inspired her to write it and then go grab a copy from Amazon. Over to you, Margaret…

I wanted to explore several different themes with Taming Tom Jones. I suppose the one that runs through the whole novel is The truth isn’t always what you think it is. As a writer, I always have a sentence like that to refer to – it helps me to plan, and I can hang everything onto it. The book is also about a woman – Jen…

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