My Books

The Goddess Workshop 

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Click to buy from Amazon

When four very different women respond to an advert for a course at the church hall promising women a ‘garden of earthly delights,’ not all of them know exactly what they’ve signed up for. And when they discover that a giant reproduction from the Kama Sutra has replaced the usual portrait of the Queen, more than one of them contemplates doing a runner before it’s too late. But then Jade Gate – their mysterious and charismatic workshop leader – arrives and sweeps them along with her extravagant enthusiasm.

Before they know it, Reenie, Kate, Estelle and Janet are being encouraged to speak to their inner sex goddesses and to support each other in their mutual quest to become fully functioning sensual beings. It’s just a pity that personal conflicts and life events seem determined to thwart their common goal…

The Dare Club 

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Click image to buy from Amazon

Aleysha, Nick, Colette and Emma are on a mission to scare themselves into forgetting their problems. But will it work?

When four very different people meet at a Lift Up course for the newly divorced or separated, there are initial tensions. Aleysha hasn’t accepted the fact that her 7-month marriage is over. Nick is struggling with being a single parent. Colette is still dealing with the health problems that caused her husband to walk out on her, and Emma is a dumper, while the others are dumpees.

As the group get to know each other, Colette suggests they start a dare club. If they’re cavorting several metres off the ground, or standing under a spotlight, it’s bound to help them to forget about their troubles, isn’t it? At the very least, they’ll have some fun, and who knows? It might just change their lives forever.


Secret Millionaire 2

Secret Millionaire

I also write romance novels under the pen-name of Kitty Alexander.

The minute Alexia meets Mark Brown the air crackles between them. But five years previously Alexia had her heart badly broken and isn’t on the look out for a relationship. She’s moved to a new city and carved out a successful new life for herself. And she’s certainly off ruthless, powerful men forever.

Then Mark arrives to volunteer for the charity where Alexia works. As the sparks sizzle, she’s tempted to lower her guard. Surely it will be all right this time? Mark isn’t anything like her ex. But unbeknown to Alexia, Mark isn’t who he’s pretending to be. And as he and Alexia succumb to their attraction for each other, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. When it does, nothing will ever be the same again.


Fiction for people learning to speak English Murder MakerAll I WantJungle LoveAsk AliceGone!Wild countryDifferent WorldsDanny Dark

My fiction for people learning to speak English is published by Cambridge University Press and Cengage Learning. They are in lots of different genres including Fantasy, Romance, Human Interest, Thriller, Fact Book and Adapted Short Stories. Two of these readers were finalists for the Extensive Reading Foundation’s Language Learner Literature Awards. Of GONE! the judges said: It has a story line that kept us reading to see what might happen. We like the illustrations and the look of the book. Of ASK ALICE the judges said: Alice writes an advice column for her high school newspaper. But who is Alice to give advice to her classmates on their problems? She has her own! The ending of this well-written story is a surprise.

To find out more, visit my Amazon Author Page.


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